Data Collection

The data collected will focus on but not limited to the following:

– Gender
– Age
– Ethnicity
– Annual income
– Financial aid
– Currently practicing Chinese medicine
– Examination(s) passed
– Satisfaction with education
– Satisfaction with education to help prepare students for starting a business

All surveys will be conducted through SoGoSurvey. I’ve chose¬†SoGoSurvey’s pricing is much more affordable and its Free service has all of the necessary tools to conduct basic surveys. Instead of a stripped down capability encountered with other companies, SoGoSurvey’s Free account is quite robust.

Additionally, SoGoSurvey offers a lot more in comparison to competitors such as SurveyMonkey and doesn’t require participants to have a Gmail account for more refined surveys like Google Forms. More importantly, SoGoSurvey is quite user friendly and accessible to both the surveyor and the surveyed participants. Great for ethnographic studies as well as demographic statistics for a business.

If you are looking for more than their basic service, their upgraded accounts offer at least as much as the competition if not more capabilities, at a much affordable price point. Also, if you’re a student, SoGoSurvey offers one free year of service.

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